Automated surveys are ideal for collecting basic information and gaining feedback from a wide audience. Businesses are increasingly turning to surveys to gain insight into customer behavior. Surveys related to a recent purchase or service call can assist marketing and customer relations to “check the pulse” of customers.

With USANotify’s automated survey service target a wide audience quickly and efficiently. Customize and manage automated surveys and deploy to a select audience. This format, in addition to social media can assist in coming up with new strategies and improving customer experience.

  • Customize surveys and polls.

  • Gain insight into customer behavior.

  • Design and deploy simple or complex survey questionnaires.

  • Record voice prompts and test survey.

  • Receive accurate feedback via IVR (interactive voice responses), text messaging or email.

  • Route callers to call center/operators for assistance.

  • Cloud Based can be accessed from anywhere.

  • No Equipment to Purchase.