In the event of an emergency, be equipped to announce alerts in advance. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and other natural disasters can happen at any time. With USANotify’s Emergency Broadcast service, early warning messages can possibly reduce the catastrophic effects of the disaster and potentially save lives. Emergency organizations can send out localized phone alerts, email alerts and/or sms alerts to residents in potentially impacted areas.

USANotify’s Service can also be used to broadcast the First Responder messages in the aftermath of a disaster and provide emergency aid assistance. Focusing on the task to recover, up to date information can be distributed via phone, text message and/or phone during the recovery stage regarding assessments, aid, shelters and recovery.

  • Responding to and recovering from emergency notifications.

  • Broadcast early warning messages to residents in danger zones.

  • Initial First Response messages can be conveyed in the aftermath of a disaster.

  • Immediate notification alerts through phone calls, text messaging and/or email.

  • Upload custom databases for specific geographical areas.

  • Real time updated call reports available.

  • Cloud Based can be accessed from anywhere.

  • No Equipment to Purchase.

  • Industry applications

  • Local/Township Governments-Weather warnings, storm warning alert services, aftermath aid information, amber alerts, debris removal, helpline contact information.

  • State Governments-Emergency broadcasts, state weather warnings, disease control information, assistance, disaster aid programs, grants, loans, housing.

  • Fire Departments-Fire Alerts, accident information, emergency incidents, blocked roadways, Emergency Medical Services, fire safety inspections.

  • Volunteer Organizations-Public assistance, community awareness, charity, donation requests, food drives, emergency response volunteer requests, blood donors.