Unexpected events related to weather or emergency announcements occur without prior warnings. With USANotify’s Group Notification Service, messages can be flawlessly recorded and broadcasted to a broad audience in target geographical regions. Our simple and easy to use interface tools enable you to efficiently record customized messages and deliver them immediately and effectively.

USANotify’s Group Notification Service is scalabe to your needs and capable of broadcasting 1000’s of simultaneous calls to convey important messages. Complete web-based generates customized dialout campaign reports.

  • Scalability - Send 100’s or 1000’s of simultaneous messages.

  • Application programming interface (API) for system integration.

  • No dialing, no busy signals, no fax machines.

  • Custom Groups can be assigned to specific messages.

  • Notification through phone calls, text messaging and/or email.

  • Real time web-based updated reports and data collection.

  • Cloud Based can be accessed from anywhere.

  • No Equipment to Purchase.

  • Applications

  • Local/Township Governments- Weather warnings, storm warning alert services, aftermath aid information, amber alerts, debris removal, helpline contact information.

  • State Governments- Emergency broadcasts, state weather warnings, disease control information, assistance, disaster aid programs, grants, loans, housing.