USANotify automates the notification prior to a scheduled appointment through an appointment reminder service. Administer reminders, alerts and notifications flawlessly and effectively via phone, email and/or text message to ensure reminders at optimal times.

USANotify’s automated messages use patient-specific elements to maximize response rates thus reducing the cost of No Show appointments and decreasing cancellations. A recent survey results indicated patients prefer automated appointment reminders instead to live calls from staff. This is an affordable and valuable tool to any medical organization.

  • USANotify's dedicated platforms are custom built to make our appointment reminder service simple to upload, consistent and effective in delivering upcoming appointment reminders or group notifications.

  • USANotify’s appointment reminder service reduces the cost of NO Shows and cancelled appointments thus enhancing profitability and management of the business.

  • USANotify assists the office staff in saving time by not having to call individual patients to confirm their appointments and focus on patients' care instead.

  • USANotify can also send reminders to patients to take their medication at predetermined times. Other applications of this service are vaccination reminders, follow-up appointment reminders, prescription pick-ups etc.

  • Cloud Based can be accessed from anywhere.