Effectively target large groups with a recorded message transmitted via phone, email or direct group text messaging using USANotify’s Broadcast Messaging Service. From political campaigns to school and business closings, Broadcast Messaging offer the ability to reach out to a large number of people in a short amount of time.

Broadcast Messaging can be sent in three different ways - phone call, bulk SMS and/or email. Customize a group based to geographical location, interests, community etc. and reach out to them at any time with updated information.

  • Scalability - Send 100’s or 1000’s of simultaneous messages.

  • Application programming interface (API) for system integration.

  • No dialing, no busy signals, no fax machines.

  • Custom Groups can be assigned to specific messages.

  • Notification through phone calls, text messaging and/or email.

  • Real time web-based updated reports and data collection.

  • Cloud Based can be accessed from anywhere.

  • No Equipment to Purchase.

  • To Get Started

    1.Record a message for your Broadcast Messaging System.

    2.Upload your customized phone list.

    3.Start Dialing with our Broadcast Messaging System.

    4.View real time web based reports.

    Industry applications

  • Political Campaigns-Candidate awareness, GOTV messages, campaign highlights, surveys, polls, track and analyze outreach campaigns.

  • Call Centers / Telemarketing–Lead generation, sales, employee screening, public opinion polls, surveys and market research, call center routing.

  • Religious Organizations-Announcements, upcoming events, schedule changes, prayer chains.

  • Educational Institutions–Tuition reminders, delays, cancellations, emergency announcements, events and programs.

  • Non Profit Groups / Communities–Public assistance, community awareness, charity, donation requests, food drives, emergency response volunteer requests, blood donors

  • Townships / County Governments-State weather warnings, meeting reminders, disease control information, assistance, disaster aid programs, grants, loans, housing.